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Wolf Children (2012)

انیمه سینمایی فرزندان گرگ (به انگلیسی Wolf Children همچنین معروف به Wolf Children Ame and Yuki به هیپبورن Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki به ژاپنی おおかみこどもの雨と雪) انیمه‌ ای به سبک فراطبیعی و دراما، محصول سال ۲۰۱۲ ژاپن به نویسندگی و کارگردانی مامورو هوسودا می‌باشد. داستان فیلم درباره دختری دانشجو به نام هانا است که عاشق یک گرگینه می‌شود. پس از ازدواج آن‌ها صاحب دو فرزند دختر و پسر با نام‌های یوکی و آمه می‌شوند اما پس از مرگ ناگهانی آن گرگینه، هانا امید خود را از دست نداده و به روستایی نقل مکان می‌کند تا فرزندان غیر عادی خود را در آنجا بزرگ کند.

حتما لینک های مرتبط زیر را ببینید! (آثار مامورو هوسودا)

دانلود نسخه کامل فیلم

دو زبانه (ژاپنی + دوبله فارسی) – بلوری 1080p – حجم 1.85 گیگابایت دو زبانه (ژاپنی + دوبله فارسی) – بلوری 720p – حجم 957 مگابایت

توضیحات مهم

سعی می کنیم برای هر اثر ، قسمتِ معرفی و قسمت Plot را از ویکی پدیا قرار دهیم که ترجمه آن بر عهده کاربران می باشد. ترجمه های خود را حتی در حد چند خط در قسمت نظرات برایمان بنویسید تا کم کم با توجه به نظر بقیه کاربران اصلاح و تکمیل شود و سپس به زیر همین قسمت انتقال یابد. این کار در عین جذابیت و درک بهتر داستان، برای یادگیری هر چه بیشتر، بشدت موثر می باشد.

به تدریج با تصحیح زیرنویس ها، گذاشتن کیفیت های بهتر و متنوع تر، افزودن PDF آموزشی، پادکست آموزشی، آموزش های ویدیویی و انواع محتواهای کمکی در کنار هر ویدیو فضای ایده آلی را برای یادگیری هرچه بهتر فراهم خواهیم کرد. وقتی ویدیوها برای شما جذاب باشه، محتوای آموزشی که کنارش ارائه میشه جذابه و توی ذهن میمونه.

حتما با شرکت در قسمت کامنت ها، به ما و دیگران و هم به خودتان برای درگیر شدن بهتر و یادگیری بیشتر کمک کنید. در واقع این مسیری که ما شروع کردیم بشدت به کاربرانش وابسته هست و خود کاربران هستند که در نهایت باعث پیشرفت خودشون و بقیه می‌شوند. و اینکه ما از نیروی متخصص و هرجور همکاری از طرف کاربران عزیز، برای پیشرفت این وبسایت و مسیری که پیش گرفتیم استقبال می کنیم


Wolf Children (Japanese: おおかみこどもの雨と雪, Hepburn: Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, lit. “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki”) is a 2012 Japanese anime film directed and co-written by Mamoru Hosoda.[2][3] The film stars the voices of Aoi Miyazaki, Takao Osawa and Haru Kuroki. The story follows a young mother who is left to raise two half-human half-wolf children, Ame and Yuki, after their werewolf father dies.

To create the film, director Hosoda established Studio Chizu, which co-produced the film with Madhouse. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the character designer for Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990) and Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), designed characters for the film. Wolf Children had its world premiere in Paris on June 25, 2012, and was released theatrically on July 21, 2012 in Japan.[4] It is licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America and was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 23, 2013.[5] It was screened in the UK at the end of October 2013 with a DVD and Deluxe Blu-ray/DVD edition from Manga Entertainment following on December 23, 2013.


In Tokyo, Japan, college student Hana falls in love with an enigmatic man. One night, the man reveals that he can transform into a wolf, and they later have two wolf children: a daughter, Yuki, and a son, Ame. Soon after, their father is killed in an accident while hunting food for the children.

Hana’s life as a single mother is difficult; Yuki and Ame constantly switch between their human and wolf forms, and Hana has to hide them from the world. After she receives noise complaints and a visit from social workers concerned that the children have not had vaccinations, Hana moves the family to the countryside away from prying neighbors. She works hard to repair a dilapidated house, but struggles to sustain the family on their own crops. With help from a strict old man named Nirasaki, she learns to farm sufficiently and becomes friends with some of the locals.

One winter day, Ame almost drowns in a river after trying to hunt a kingfisher, but Yuki rescues him, and Ame becomes more confident in his abilities as a wolf. Yuki begs her mother to let her go to school like other children. Hana accepts on the condition that Yuki keeps her wolf nature secret. Though Yuki soon makes friends at school. Meanwhile, Ame is more interested in the forest and takes lessons from an elderly fox about survival in the wild.

In fourth grade, Yuki’s class receives a new transfer student, Sōhei, who realizes something is strange about her. When he pursues and harasses her, Yuki gets angry, transforms into a wolf, and inadvertently injures him, leaving a scar on his ear. At the meeting with their parents and teachers, Sōhei tells them a wolf attacked him, absolving Yuki of the blame. The two become friends.

Yuki and Ame fight over whether they are human or wolf. Two years later, a fierce storm gathers and Yuki’s school is let out early. As Hana is about to leave to pick her up, Ame disappears into the forest to help his dying fox teacher so she follows him. The other children are picked up by their parents, leaving Yuki and Sōhei alone. Yuki shows Sōhei that she can transform into a wolf and it was really her who attacked him. He tells her he already knew, and promises to keep her secret.

As Hana searches for Ame, she slips and falls unconscious. She sees a vision of the children’s father, who tells her that Yuki and Ame will find their own paths in life, and that she raised them well. Ame finds Hana and carries her to safety. She awakens to see Ame fully transform into a wolf and run into the mountains. She realizes he has found his own path and happily but tearfully accepts his goodbye.

One year later, Yuki leaves home to move into a junior high school dormitory. Ame’s wolf howls are heard far and wide in the forest. Hana, living alone now, reflects that raising her wolf children was like a fairy tale, and feels proud to have raised them well.

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